Players get Rain: i'm rough and behold, my picky '

 1improved family of imaginative and prescient: Paste the movie's main actors are Tanrısever rain is preparing soon to appear on the monitor with a knee. Thus far it appears relatively nervous and did rebel? Hearken to his own words.

Significant loved ones 'Did you watch the screen before moving to the giant screen?

Yup. 120 part of a project for a very long time. It's an extended-term trade located in the theater task could be very important for me.
We used the quantity of characters you've got additional roles within the new film ...

Yup. My personality is a bit of 'Free girl' a function model ... With a shock. 'The family has a huge television viewers knows the characters very good. All of a phenomenon. All this combined is extra

when he moved to the big monitor is exclusive, of path. At the same time entertaining film. You do not know how the time flew by means of.


What did you be taught from the comedy appearing?

Did he notice new matters in my appearing, helped. However my persona in the film will not be humorous. Just in case we fall funny. On high of that drama consistently my first choice. And of course if in case you have a romantic komedi.B the 12 months in quantity of projects. 'may just Queen' ... You play a welder within the shipyards.

Why would a lady welder?

 3on the grounds that his father as his subsequent apprentice welder grow and learn the job. The true dream engineering. He's doing his exceptional to look at what's coming to the household and want to learn a woman's lifestyles, despite the fact that the river as it pushes to turn out to be a welder. In phrases of job security it used to be alleged to have long hair. I reduce my hair for the function. I realized tips on how to fairly deliver in the enterprise. I figured even 5 one of a kind machines. Now i will be able to even chop like iron.
Continuously starts offevolved members of the family in friendship

'Tomboy' he said females are you from?
 5I've a sister. My dad boy longed to hear. My father and mother had me wait in male kids. So I suppose "tomboy" was a stance they say. I'm powerful. This made me somewhat masculine. So when I come to vigor I push myself in Istanbul set for her lover jealous of the standing durdum.Siz, event manager was additionally separated from the ...

As stated you frightened?
No. 'ready for the sun' I was identified with Melis personality within the sequence. One character to me ozdeslestirip "This woman insurgent," and they start to show well valued at it in areas such as social media. Actually, in contrast to their exclusive lifestyles to are living my secret, i'm not opt for to speak about it.

So it does now not appear.

How does it appear? I do not select to be viewed about my exclusive life, but do you mean the reverse?

 6The results of this was news. But most of us lies.

Well, you've love Kerem Bürsin'l the agenda was the long magazine. Your own name 'Kerem scholarships's former lover,' Did you get the title of sad?
Firstly, I do not think I ever referred to you as an adjective, too. What I do, then you are asking to come back to me and when fabricated. Very illogical. I was more naive back then, and they did not know that magazine. The course was me. Now everything is gone
Then, with your name Oguzhan coach said. Have you ever had burning your tongue from what has happened?

You do not know if it's real or not.

Do the little inclined as a result of these?

 7The certain reverse. I am living in complex relationships and selective. It has continuously been my lengthy-time period relationship. With regards to my pal also I managed to be a precedence. My relationship consistently starts with friendship anyway. Then it turns into love. I do know that he loves us surprise our personal existence. That's why you are asking these questions. However again, it seems to me to tell my confidential existence is meaningless.

How did your story  extending the lead position in Mersin?

 8I perpetually knew at some point i'd actually players. Acting smaller cities to come back to Istanbul, read here, living my dream. In acting to move behind and as a result it may well take a seat down to talk with you, after this interview to be released in a newspaper, achieving thousands of countless numbers of persons ... They're gigantic goals, of direction. Every body in my loved ones was once enthusiastic about alternate. 9 years ancient the first time I took section in a recreation. Love of appearing started out there. Attending the path, I was staring at the game but I could improve myself as a situation in Mersin. I came to Istanbul to win the nice Arts college of Marmara. I started studying and that i went to school with ceramic acting coaching.

Purpose TO CREATE cognizance

i am an bold man or woman. I put on my goals in intellect. I'll do my fine to satisfy my actual. I have a free and independent spirit, but I don't consume the right one and injustice. After 10 years of enjoying in artwork movies, I wish to express myself as a player in a good way. I need to do some thing concerning ceramics and design. I reserved a nook of my house as a workshop. Now I get at hand mildew legends about the sign language. The first title used to be Ara Güler. Soon these stories 'is known to fall,' I need to open an exhibition titled. My intention is deaf and dumb and blissful and take a look at to create attention.


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